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  • Camp is Coming…What to Expect with Camp at Denny’s

    Posted on by Shop Denny's


    Ah, summer camp. The two months of the year when children gain independence and self-confidence, create everlasting memories, and make life-long friends…away from their parents! Whether it is your first time sending your child to camp or you are a seasoned pro, Denny’s has got you covered! Our expert sales personnel make getting your child ready for sleepaway camp a breeze! Denny’s is your one-stop camp shop. Read on to learn all about what to expect at your appointment.


    How can I think about camp right now?! It’s freezing out!


    After being stuck inside on a snow day with your kids bouncing of the walls, it’s a great reminder of all that’s to come this summer. While it may seem early to be thinking about camp, this is actually the perfect time! Registration for summer camp starts as early as January. At Denny’s, we like to get the ball rolling early to make sure you are as prepared as you can be! We start booking camp appointments now so we can be sure to schedule enough time for all of our customer’s individual needs.

    What is a camp appointment?


    Camp appointments are an opportunity for our customers to receive excellent service from our seasoned camp experts. During your camp appointment, you and your child will be provided with a dedicated sales professional to guide you through your camp shopping. We work with you one-on-one for as long as you need to help you through the process of picking out everything that you need for your child to have the best summer at camp.




    Perks of doing a camp appointment at Denny’s


    In addition to receiving one-on-one sales help tailored to your shopping needs, there are other awesome benefits when you book a camp appointment at Denny’s.


    1. Discounts!


    When you do your shopping with us during your camp appointment, you receive an additional discount off your entire purchase* including two camp trunks! Who doesn’t love saving money?


    *Nike and Under Armour excluded from discounts. Minimum purchase required.


    1. Free Labeling!


    When getting ready for camp, one of the most dreaded tasks is labeling all of your kid’s stuff. Labeling is super important to ensure your children’s belongings don’t get lost or stolen.

    After your shopping is complete, we take the time to sew in labels to everything you’ve purchased. We label all of your child’s t-shirts, shorts, underwear, every sock, tops and bottoms to their bathing suits, bedding, etc. We will save your endless hours of time and aggravation!


    1. Free Gift!


    Who doesn’t like free stuff? When you do a camp appointment with Denny’s you get a free gift as our thanks to you.




    Preparing for Your Camp Appointment


    By now hopefully you’re ready for the ultimate camp shopping experience at Denny’s. Here are a few tips to prepare for your camp appointment.


    1. Book Early


    Book your camp appointment by the end of January to receive our best camp package. The best time to schedule appointments is between March 1st and April 30th.


    You can book your appointment online or by stopping by one of our locations. To book your spot, we ask for a $50 deposit that will be used towards your purchase the day of your camp appointment.


    For your convenience, you can leave your deposit online.

    Go to www.shopdennys.com/campdeposit. Choose the location that you would like to do your camp shopping at. A manager from the store will call you within 24-48 hours to book your appointment. Or if you prefer, you can always stop by one of our stores to book your appointment.

    1. Take Inventory


    We will provide you with our suggested packing list for camp. Let it serve as a guide for what you will need to purchase. Before coming into the store for your camp appointment, we suggest taking inventory of what items you may already have at home for your child. Keep in mind that there are certain things that you have at home that you will need to buy additionally to send to camp. (For example, bedding, towels, etc.)


    1. Find Out About Your Camp’s Specifications


    Most camps will provide you with their packing list. Often times they are very much consistent with our suggested packing list. Some camps, however, have very specific items that they require or prohibit. For example, some camps require a certain number of red shorts. Additionally, other camps have restrictions on what size trunks your child’s belongings may be sent in. Our camp specialists are familiar with many of these specifications, but we recommend finding out what your camp requires or prohibits prior to coming in for your camp appointment.




    If you’re ready for your child to have the best summer ever, start by doing your camp shopping at Denny’s!


    Want more information? Call a store and ask to learn about camp!

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  • Shop These Top Children’s Trends for the Holidays

    Posted on by Shop Denny's

    Shop These Top Children’s Trends for the Holidays

    It’s that time of year — the holidays are here. Whether you need eight days of gifts to celebrate Hanukkah or a pile of presents to stuff in Santa’s sack, Denny’s has all sorts of ideas to make you a hero for the holidays. Before you make a list (and check it twice), consider our top children’s trends for every age from infant boys and girls to young men and juniors.  

    The “Hollywood” Harem

    Move over, skinny jeans — bagginess is back for the winter. Harem pants and shorts graduated from at-home loungewear to the everyday attire of Hollywood’s coolest celebs. Stock your baby boy’s closet to ready him for cold weather charisma.

    A baggy silhouette at the hip and thigh complements a tapered calf to pull off an equally effortless and dramatic children’s trend to match just about anything in his wardrobe. Boost the trendiness with camo print — including camo shorts in the warmer weather — and complete the outfit with a casual tee (preferably with a trendy saying) and soft denim jacket.

    The Cold Shoulder Tee

    Give regular sleeves the cold shoulder. Fun fashion for the winter starts with the cold shoulder tee. Pair the fashion forward top with soft, stretchy and comfortable leggings, perfect for everyday wear. Once again, camo print (or just about any type of print) completes the signature style of this children’s trend. Also popular for girls, the romper and dresses with metallic accents or print.  

    The Ruffle Top

    Begin with the ruffle top, which combines bold style with a softened winter look. Designed with ruffled short sleeves and flattering boxy construction, this children’s trend works magic when half tucked into skinny jeans and paired with booties. Pull off the same show-stopping style with printed leggings featuring unicorns, rainbows, stars and other bright and beautiful graphics.   

    The Layered Look

    Winter style for junior girls is all about layering and looking bold. Layer different shades of the same color, drape a cute jacket over the shoulder or rock a bomber over a cropped sweater. Balance is the key to this top children’s trend. Even out multiple layers on top with a slimmer silhouette on the bottom. Your go-to items: trendy and cool printed leggings and distressed skinny jeans.

    All sorts of designs can help your daughter layer with allure including sequins, bold floral print, stripes, all-over prints and even tropical patterns for “cruise” season. Let’s not forget the two must-have items for the young girl and junior wardrobe: rompers and bell sleeve dresses.  

    Game Ready Apparel

    For the boys, sporty comfort is the name of the game. Drape him from head to toe in the big name brands from the soft and lightweight Adidas Tiro 17 soccer pants to the warm and comfortable Yankees F/Z hoody.

    Let him battle the cold with the highly breathable and warm Spyder Dolomite Synthetic jacket. Beneath the jacket, he can sport the Under Armour long sleeve waffle textured tech top or an official NBA jersey.  

    Accessories: Stocking Stuffers and More 

    Mermaids made a big splash in the girls’ accessories category. Mermaid-style reversible bracelets, wrist cuffs and pillows — especially with sequins — help young girls rock a little bling for the holidays.

    Stuff stockings with the trendiest games and toys from Scribblish and the Rubik’s cube stress ball (for the brainiac) to desktop basketball (for the sports lover) to the retro-style Pac Man handheld arcade game (for the video game lover).   

    For the kid who loves sleepovers and lounging around the house, nothing beats the cool and cozy sleeper sack. And for the teen girl who fancies jewelry, set her heart on fire with a necklace or bracelet featuring words or monograms.    

    Shop Online Today

    For all the latest fashion and styles to match every taste at every age, shop the Denny’s website now and make the holiday season magical. 

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  • ...Always Be A Unicorn

    Posted on by Shop Denny's

    Is there anything more majestic than a unicorn? We think not!

    Be the most magical version of yourself with Denny's unicorn inspired picks


    Critter Hood

    Stay warm this winter in a fuzzy & fun hooded scarf.



    String Lights

    Let magic light the way!


    Denim Jacket

    Cute meets classic cool with this bedazzled denim jacket.


    Scented Pillow

    Sweet dreams are certain with a bubblegum scented pillow.


    Unicorn PJ Pants

    Kick back and relax, but make it fabulous! Ultra-plush pink and blue pastel unicorn lounge pants let you drift off to dreamland in style. 


    Unicorn Phone Ring

    These are just a few things to help you get started on your magical journey as a unicorn! To complete your transformation, check out the whole collection over at shopdennys.com

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  • Looks You'll Fall For

    Posted on by Shop Denny's


    Update your wardrobe for Fall '17. Everyone's buzzing about velvet, distressed denim and camo. Be the first to rock these new fall looks -  head over to shopdennys.com to check out all of our new arrivals!

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