Camp Laurel South - Young Men's


Required Camp Uniform

    ☐ 4 Grey or White T-Shirts with Logo (Traditional, Fitted, or V-Neck)
    ☐ 4 Navy Shorts with Logo
    ☐ 1 Two-Day Supplemental Laundry Bag

Recommended Camp Uniform

    ☐ 1 Spirit Day Pinnie with Logo
    ☐ 1 Grey Sweatshirt with Logo
    ☐ 1 Grey Sweatpant with Logo
    ☐ 1 Laurel South Blanket


Additional Clothing Items

Socks & Shoes

    ☐ 2 Sneakers
    ☐ 16 Pairs of Socks
    ☐ 1 Field Cleats (Recommended)
    ☐ 1 Pair of Sandals
    ☐ 1 Pair of Shower Shoes
    ☐ 1 Waterproof Shoes or Rain Boots

Underwear & Swimwear


Bedding & Laundry


    ☐ 1 Bathrobe
    ☐ 1 Shower Organizer and Filler Kit
    ☐ 3 Bath Towels
    ☐ 2 Beach Towels

Camping & Outdoors

    ☐ 1 Sleeping Bag (6-9th Grade)
    ☐ 1 Daypack or Backpack
    ☐ 1 Deet Free Insect Repellent
    ☐ 1 Crazy Creek Chair



    ☐ 1 Tennis Racquet
    ☐ 1 Athletic Supporter with Cup
    ☐ 1 Pair of Shin Guards
    ☐ 1 Pair of Soccer Socks (Optional)
    ☐ 1 Baseball Glove
    ☐ 1 Mouthguard (Required for Lacrosse)

Roller Hockey (Required if in Program)

    ☐ 1 Pair Roller Blades
    ☐ 1 Set Knee/Shin Guards
    ☐ 1 Set Elbow Pads
    ☐ 1 Mesh Sport Bag w/Name for Equipment
    ☐ 1 Mouthguard (Also Required for LAX)

Riding (Required if in Program)

    ☐ 1 Riding Helmet (ASTM / SEI Approved)
    ☐ 1 Riding Jodphurs, Tights, or Jeans
    ☐ 1 Riding Boots or Heeled Shoes

Essentials & Fun Stuff

Personal Items

    ☐ Toothbrush and Toothpaste
    ☐ Hair Brush
    ☐ Soap
    ☐ Shampoo
    ☐ Pair of Extra Eyeglasses

Camp Notes

1. Laurel South is not a uniform camp. We do require a modest amount of “uniform” clothing for inter-camp games, trips, team sports, etc. The Camp Spot is our official camp outfitter. Required Camp Uniform items are listed on the top of your packing list.
2. Names must be written/sewn/ironed in all garments. The Camp Spot offers free sewing service on all items ordered from their catalog.
3. Laundry is done weekly and returned in 48 hours. Laurel South provides a Laundry Bag for every camper. However, because our Laundry is sent out to be cleaned each week, there is a 36 hour period when the campers will not have access to their Laundry Bags. For that reason, please be sure to purchase the required Supplemental 2-Day Laundry Bag from you Camp Spot catalog for each camper.
4. Campers do not need hard trunks for storage. Soft trunks are preferred.
5. Further information about shipping baggage will be sent in February with your Parent Handbook.
6. Most athletic equipment is provided by Laurel South. In addition, the camp supplies all necessary camping equipment (other than a sleeping bag).
7. If you play roller hockey, you will need to bring roller blades and all the necessary padding with you. We provide helmets with shields. If you have a helmet feel free to bring it. Laurel South does provide all necessary equipment for street hockey. Please remember to bring a mouthguard to camp